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You can create a workflow to automate a review request with Leap.

This could be after an invoice is paid, a New Shopify Order, when data changes in a Google spreadsheet and so on.

There are 10,000s of scenarios and integrations.

Build a flow

First off, download the starter template. This is single HTTP request. (You may need to right-click, save as)

Create a new scenario in your account and import the above blueprint.JSON


You can then build the workflow that suits you.

We have demonstrated an example for new Shopify Orders below.

Above is the important module, you’ll need a HTTP request. This is what will send the review request to Leap. All it needs is an email.

An example would be a new Shopify order.

In the above example, we are watching for new Shopify orders. We will then trigger a request to Leap with the HTTP module. All we do is pass the email and name forward from Shopify.

If you have not found what you are looking for, you can open a support ticket.
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